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As Web Development provider

Reach out to us on getting started with getting you and your business to online world by creating client-centric and customer-focused website. Publish your ideas and thoughts to world wide web for best digital experience.

Web Designing & Development

Get a website that is responsive and easy to use for your customers. A website that would represent you and your business in best way to online market.

SEO & Marketing

Get your business and your ideas to next level with digital marketing and your website's visibility on all search engines. Get new and repeated customers to your website with efficient marketing & search optimization.

As cloud computing provider

Reach out to us on getting started with exciting world of cloud and migration of your applications to cloud. Feel free to schedule a demo with us and we will walk you thru the process involved.

Pay as you use

For all our Paas & IaaS implementation you need to pay what you use and we provide transparent billing with details.

99.9% uptime and support

We ensure your application is available 24/7 by implementing robust deployment and automation. You can trust us to resolve any issue on priority basis to effect minimal downtime


Check out the great services we offer

Web Development

We design and develop web sites that are client-focused and customer-centric using best and latest available web technologies suited for the client.

IaaS ( Infrastructure as Service )

We have expertize in build and migrating existing infrastructure from on-premise to cloud with detailed billing and scaling thru our provider AWS( Amazon Web Services )

PaaS ( Platform as Service )

We provide application deployment service on computer platform which includes operting system, programming language environment, databases and webservers

Devops Implementation

We implement DevOps tools to automate IaaS & PaaS capabilities to reduce any manual interventions


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to contact us and get started with project?

    Just fill in the contact-us form below with your contact details, we would reach-out to you at your convinient time. We believe in face-to-face communication to better understanding our clients and discuss requirements.

  • With IaaS we offer services such as pay-as-you-go storage, networking, and virtualization. IaaS gives you cloud-based alternatives to on-premise infrastructure, so businesses can avoid investing in expensive on-site resources. We deliver infrastrucutre over the internet.

    Iaas Advantages: With IaaS, you can buy what you need, as you need it, and purchase more as your business grows. IaaS solutions are highly flexible and highly scalable, and you can replace it whenever you need without losing money on your initial investment.Another advantage of IaaS is it puts control over the infrastructure back in your hands.You no longer need to place faith in an external IT contractor; you can access and oversee IaaS platforms yourself if you wish (without being an IT whizz).

    When to Use IaaS: IaaS is beneficial to businesses of all shapes and sizes, as it allows complete control over your infrastructure, and operates on a pay-as-you-use model, so it fits into most budgets.As it becomes less common to invest in physical hardware and IT infrastructure, choosing IaaS alternatives is a safer, more reliable option.With most IaaS platforms, you get access to ongoing support and have the option of scaling up your requirements at any time.Utilizing IaaS is a great way to future-proof your business.

    IaaS Service we provide: We provide infrastructre creation and migration to AWS EC2. EC2 provides scalable infrastructure for companies who want to host cloud- based applications.With EC2 you do not own the physical servers; AWS provides virtual servers.So you only pay for the usage of the servers, saving them the cost (and associated ongoing maintenance) of investing in physical hardware. For E-commerce we provide Magento 1 Enterprise Edition thru IaaS service.

  • As PaaS service provider we provide hardware and software tools over the internet, and use these tools to develop applications. With PaaS solution we provide unique, customizable software. This means you don't need to start from scratch when creating applications, saving them a lot of time (and money) on writing extensive code. PaaS is often the most cost-effective and time-effective way to create a unique web application. We focus on managing software updates , security patches and infrastrucutre upgrade along with creation of web application.

    PaaS Service we provide: We provide PaaS capabilities for you application thru AWS Elastic Beanstalk and EC2. We work to provide another layer on top of the infrastructure services for automatically handling the details of capacity provisioning, load balancing, scaling, and application health monitoring.Along with development, upload and maintain your application. For E-commerce we provide Magento Commerce Cloud (also known as Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition) thru PaaS.

  • Below are the services we provide as part of DevOps implementation:

    Infrastructure Management This is a fundamental building block for any organization to achieve a DevOps methodology. We utilize the cloud in improving reliability and scalability. With Infrastrucutre automation tools like ansible we help automate end-to-end infrastrucutre provisining.

    Configuration Management Building CI/CD pipelines to address and accomodate all of the tasks from Infrastrucutre provisioning to code deployment to unit testing using best practices. Our proficency in docker / ansible / git and jenkins help achieve 100% automation.

    Environment Management Code & service deployment and unit testing thru configuration management tools ensure robust application to end clients. We ensure least time to market for your application thru automation.

    Automation With Automation we ensure the deployed project are more agile and efficient while reducing the risk and overall production time.

    Code Integration & Inspection Continuous integration leads to clean code. It helps improve code, and ensure quality build and code reports

  • We provide support for all our implementation along with documentation in detail. We ensure 100% availability in-case of problems encountered with application and also provide details troubleshooting documentation post resolutions. We are in-process of implementing tickecting system to ensure you as customer are aware of status of you problem tickets and resolution timeframe.

  • Our DevOps cloud engineers work very closely with the client or become an extended team of the client to create a seamless and most efficient delivery pipeline. If we are working for a particular platform such as Amazon, we follow DevOps in cloud guidelines for that platform and sync up with clients to understand their existing infra setup if any.

    We leverage our DevOps consulting expertise and introduce appropriate tools and processes to reduce executing test cases, releasing new codes, debugging errors, analyzing logs and identifying application bottlenecks. We specialize in automation of redundant tasks and integrating niche DevOps tools such as Ansible, Docker & Jenkins. Our team proactively identifies application bottlenecks and continuously introduces process improvements to increase throughput and ensure that end-to-end deployment process remains automated as the application grows over time, which in most of the cases, is not the top priority.

    We have experience of Amazon DevOps along with many other cloud platforms as well. We not only focuse on initial build but also runtime operations through automation. We eliminate manual processes and redundancy by automating end-to-end processes.

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